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  • Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to [lecturertools.com] and we are delighted that you have joined us and dealt with us, and we hope that you have found what meets your desires.
The terms and conditions apply to the site with all its pages, sections, branches and products.
Also, the provisions of each service must be known by reading what is posted on the site about it.
The customer’s visit to the site means his agreement to all the general and detailed terms and conditions for each service, which the site’s administration has the right to amend at any time and publish the amendment on the relevant page so that the visitor can see it, and it will be effective from the time of its publication.

Terms of use of the site:

1- To visit the site and take advantage of the store, you must be of legal legal age in your country, or be under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
2- It is not permissible to use the site for any unlawful purpose, or to purchase an unauthorized commodity in your country even if it is authorized in another country.
3- It is prohibited to use any page on our site to post content that violates international regulations or violate any property or publishing rights, nor to promote any prohibitions, terrorism, viruses and other violations or what we believe may pose a danger to anyone, as well as sexual content or obscene phrases.
4- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone according to what we see.
5- It is prohibited to promote any external website, whether by mentioning it, placing the link to the site, or otherwise, whatever the justification is, except after obtaining the written approval of the site’s administration.
6- The member may receive informative messages, advice or advertisements from the site.
7- No one has the right to use our name to sell, promote or claim affiliation with us without written consent.
8- All posts, comments, etc. that the user publishes on the site express the opinion of its author only. The site may also edit, delete or use it in anything since it has become one of its rights.

Prices and offers:

1- All prices are subject to change without notice, and leaving the commodity in the shopping basket without completing the purchase does not prevent it from changing to the new price, by increasing or decreasing. As for executing the purchase before the price changes, it makes the process take place at the price before the change.
2- Some commodities may be similar and their prices may differ due to the different stores or sources.
3- The prices shown do not include shipping.
4- Taxes may be added upon payment, and this will appear to the customer before he pays.

Property rights:

All products, images, videos, advertisements, etc. contained in the site fall within the property rights that no one may use without the written permission of us.

Billing, account information, and shipping:

1- The customer gets an electronic invoice in his account registered on the site, printable, and a copy of it may be sent to his email.
2- All the information that the customer puts in his account is responsible for its authenticity, including the shipping address, payment methods and his personal data, as well as bearing all the resulting effects.

Errors and inaccuracies:

In the event that any error occurs on a product in a description, image, title or pricing, the site has the right to amend the error without prior notice or any obligation resulting from that.

Prohibited uses:

In addition to the other prohibitions stipulated in the terms of service, it is prohibited to use the site or its content as follows:
1- For any purpose that is illegal internationally or in the user’s local system.
2- Urging others to perform or participate in any unlawful actions
3- Infringing or violating the intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others.
4- Harassment, abuse, insult, harm, defamation, slander, disregard, intimidation or discrimination, whatever the justification.
5- Providing false or misleading information.
6- Downloading or transmitting viruses or any other kind of harmful code that can be used in any way that affects the functionality or operation of the service or any related website or other websites or internet service or public or private devices.
7- Collect or track personal information of others.
8- Spam, phishing or propaganda messages or any other way to communicate personally with others.
9- Any obscene, immoral, or sexual content.

Evacuation responsibilaty:

1- The site is not responsible for any information or obligations that are not written on our site.
2- The site is not responsible for any obligations, information or other things written by clients, visitors and registered on the site.
3- The site does not bear any fraud or fraud by others.
4- The site does not bear the customer’s disclosure of his account information, personal information, payment or shipping information to anyone.


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